Dramatic HOT PINK Makeup Tutorial

Hi Fabulous!

I hope you guys are doing alright. My 2-weeks MBA summer program is over, and now the new trimester has just begun. Oh Lord, they’ll never give you time to breathe! Like literally! Ok, Ok, enough with the whining, lets get down to what i have produced this week.

I had so many complications doing the video this time around. First, i recorded a tutorial last week but somehow the software in my computer couldn’t recognize the file and it cannot be edited. Blah! What a waste! Right?

Then, i recorded a new video today and had so much trouble uploading it because of the copyright issues. I re-edited and re-uploaded it for 4 times! I almost lost it for a while there but hey! life is never that easy. As long as you stay positive and confident you’ll get through anything.

So, i hope you guys like this video, and hopefully i will produce more videos in the future!

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Thank you!

The Voluptuous Sista


Vote for Nadi

Hi Ladies!

Hope you guys are doing great. It’s freaking HOT (75°F!!!) here in Perth, Australia and i feel like locking myself up in the fridge for the rest of the summer! Hah! Anyways, an old friend of mine (Nadirah Zakariya) needs help from you to VOTE for her. She is participating in a competition called Artist Wanted, and needs help from my fabulous loyal readers. Yes … YOU! She is a professional Photographer who lives in New York to pursue her dreams in the business of photography. When i was living in New York, i was lucky to be photographed by her (picture attached below). Please feel free to read her biography, and please don’t forget to VOTE for her.

Venue: Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, NY)

Nadirah Zakariya
New York, NY

Born and raised in Malaysia, Nadirah is expecting her BFA in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in May 2010. Statement: I am a dreamer. Often, when the everyday routine becomes overwhelming, I indulge in dreaming. I dream of floating in the vast ocean, letting my fears, tears, and problems dissolve. I become weightless and free, at one with the water. Photography allows me to escape my physical reality and dissolve into the sea of subconsciousness. I am interested in creating images of this transitional state between one world, or one state of being, and the other. Bodies of water play a major role in my work, symbolizing this world of dreams.. The lack of gravity of underwater gives me a sense of freedom and lightness, a sense of magic and mystery, where solids turn into liquid, and where the physical world turns into the surreal. It is the liminal state that I long to inhabit and to represent artistically. Through my pictures, I hope to take you into this world of liquid dreams, that exists within us all.

For more information about her portfolio visit http://www.nadirah.net. Now, if you like her work, please do me a favor and go to this link to vote for her (http://www.artistswanted.org/nadirah).

Thank you for your help ladies & gents.

Till then Fabulous Readers.


Voluptuous Sista

My Favourite Beauty Junkie’s Makeup Tutorial

Hi Ladies,
Give it up to my favorite Beauty Junkie who has just completed her first makeup tutorial!! Chynatowngirl have been blogging and doing reviews about makeups (mascara, lip balm etc.) and other stuffs. Honestly, she tested and tried the product without being paid by any manufacturer or company (self-funded), and finally provides the readers with useful information about the pros and cons of the product.

You can check her previous entries at http://chynatowngirl.blogspot.com/

Do add her link to your browser for more useful reviews and insights on beauty products.

The Voluptuous Sista

Blue Midnight Makeup Tutorial

Hi Gorgeous!
Sorry for not updating the blog lately. I have been away for a long vacation, and now i’m back to give you more useful tips and insights on Food & Fashion.
I was not able to sleep yesterday (and actually for the past fews days or so) because last week my buddies dragged my ass to watch a movie called Paranormal Activity. Some say it was a really scary movie and some say it was a “Hollywood” make-to-believe movie. I am a light-hearted person, and watching that movie did not do any good for me.
When i was awake the whole night, I thought of doing something productive rather than just waiting for the sun to rise. So here’s the outcome, and i hope you like it.

Enjoy the video & Stay Fabulous!
The Voluptuous Sista

Tuna Bruschetta

Hi Fabulous Ladies,

Finally i had the courage to make a Tuna Bruschetta for the first time ever. Like seriously! First time ever! So here is the recipe and its delicious if i do say so myself hah!


(Serves 4)

5 Glorious Cherry Tomatoes (Finely Chopped)

1/2  French Loaf (Cut Diagonally)

5 Seriously Fresh Basil Leaves (Finely Chopped)

1/4 White Onion (Finely Chopped)

1 Clove Garlic & 2 Tbsp. of Finely Chopped Garlic

6 Tbsp. Olive Oil

A pinch of Salt

A pinch of Pepper

1 Tsp. of Lemon Juice

100 g. of Fresh Tuna (Small Cubed Size)

1/3 Cup of Mozzarella Cheese


1. Preheat oven for 10 minutes at 250 degree celsius.

2. Brush the diagonally cut bread pieces with Olive Oil, and shove it the oven for (10 minutes).

(Line baking tray with aluminum foil and baking sheet on top to prevent it from sticking to the tray )

3. While waiting, in a sauce pan saute the garlic and onion with Olive Oil for 1 minute on a medium heat fire.

4. Turn the fire off and add Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Tuna, Salt, Pepper and Lemon and mix it all up.

5. Your bread should be ready by now, remove the bread tray from the oven and rub the clove of garlic on each of the bread pieces.

6. Put a generous amount of the mixed ingredients on to the bread pieces.

7. Sprinkle Mozzarella Cheese on each of the bread pieces and put it back in the oven for 1-2 minutes (depending on how you like it!).

8. Get ready for little pieces of heaven to enter your mouth.

9. Wine Suggestion: Brown Brothers (Crouchen Riesling Rose).

10. Bliss…

Alright. I can do it.

Ok lets start of by saying, I am not a size 2 and I have nor ever desired to be a size 2. I am a voluptuous woman and am finally appreciating myself for who I am not what others want me to be. The reason for my sudden venture to the (now ancient) blogging sphere is to tell my chicas, my size 20 Senoritas that you can feel confident and beautiful being just the way you are. Say it with now me… I AM BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT AND I LOVE MYSELF. There wasnt that easy? I know…it took me almost forever to be able to say that out loud. I do still struggle some days, but hey its getting way better now.

Just a little introduction to the future writings of this blog.

  • Food recipes (or some critics)
  • Plus size fashion (yes believe it ladies we can look good)
  • Beauty (Product reviews, Make-up tips)
  • A little insight to the daily life of a plus size woman

Lets see how things goes from there….I am super excited and hope you guys are too!

Till then..

The Voluptuous Sista